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Traditional loading of hay and the feast (likof) that followed after the hard work.

Dušan Bogataj

Mowing and hay harvesting in Ledine (traditionaly). Come and see how it was done, before any machinery was available.

Dušan Bogataj

Some pictures from traditional harvest on our farm, which is annually attended by visitors.

Dušan Bogataj

Doors open day on Pr' Jureč tourist farm museum collection.

Dušan Bogataj

Pr' Jureč tourist farm on Idrija farmers market.

Dušan Bogataj

That beautiful saturday afternoon was spent in a great crowd. We opened our enlarged farming machinery collection for the public and greeted a couple hundred of the first visitors.
That was a very special event for us.

foto: Uroš Kristan

Pr' Jureč in Dobro jutro (good morning show) on RTV Slovenija

Insert from Good morning show on RTV Slovenija, from april 10th, 2012. They were talking about our tourist farm and about our farming machinery museum collection.

Dušan Bogataj

Harvest time on Pr' Jureč tourist farm

Insert from a local TV station (RTV Slovenija), from august 5th, 2012. They were describing the harvest which happened between 3rd and 4th of august, 2012.

Dušan Bogataj

Tourist farm Pr' Jureč

Video presentation of Pr' Jureč - Tourist farm on a beatiful Ledine plateau - where the watershed divides the springs which flow to the Adriatic or the Black sea.

video production: Darjan Kacin (